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Story, Branding, and Positioning

I think most people can visit Mexico, find a granel (bulk) mezcal (maybe not the best, but good enough), get it into bottles, and then get some pallets to the US. But then it’s time to sell. And that is where things get fraught. Even if you can sell your product, can your distributor replicate your pitch with every one of their reps and can they sell? In other words, can they tell your story–convincingly–to their buyers?

I don’t think many brands put much thought into their story, their branding, or their market positioning. Yet, this is probably the most important thing to get right for any product.

The thing I excel at doing–if nothing else–is putting together a creative vision that gives products a complete and compelling story that people connect with and get excited about… and then making it real.

I’ve made mistakes. Listening to my market and buyers, I have corrected them. My own brands are my proof that I can help you with your project.

Bar & Menu Analysis

This may be the most valuable service I offer.

  • Is your bar profitable?
  • Could it be more profitable?
  • Is your bartender measuring or free-pouring?
  • Are you aware of the number of buy-backs happening?
  • How do you do your costing?
  • Is your menu priced right? 
  • Is it designed right to maximize profits?
  • What is your star item?
  • What is your decoy?
  • Can you move the average ticket up?
  • Does your staff even know what the hell they are selling?
  • Do they know how to upsell?
  • Are add-ons available, easy to find, and priced right?
  • Are you selling flights?


Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. Let me analyze your (food or drink) menu and train your staff. I offer a complete range of services from secret shopper to spirits training, menu design, costing advice, and cocktail theory.

I am so sure I can move your average ticket up that my fee is a portion of the difference. Many of these services cost you nothing unless I succeed! Contact me for more information or to schedule a 100% risk-free call.

Project Management and Logistics

Organization is the core of any endeavor. Life brings chaos, success requires us to organize in response. 

Digression: I have been working in the cannabis industry doing license procurement/application work since 2013. What that means is that when a state decides they want to have a medicinal or adult use cannabis program, they issue a public request for proposals (“RFP” or application) and issue application guidelines alongside their new regulations. Then they give a deadline for the applications.

My point in telling you that: Every client I work with comes to me with no conceptual framework, a lot of anxiety over the looming deadline, and a ton of work to do in a short amount of time. They have a lot of money at risk, too–hundreds of thousand just for licensing and millions to deploy if they win–raising the stakes for failure. I have never let a client down and most of the time, they win their licenses. This is because we start every job by organizing ourselves vis-a-vis the client and the application, both mentally and in our systems, then we commence work, delegating as needed to subject matter experts (“SMEs”).

It is astounding how much work a team can accomplish in a short amount of time when the work is orchestrated and systems are organized.

For my own projects, I have written proprietary software to control all details and process of my alcohol products, from purchase through to sale and shipping. The software goes as far as mapping out each pallet’s contents in a layered graphic for the pick and pack process. That then rides along with the pallet so that the receiver can match contents as they disassemble the pallet and stock their warehouse. I can help organize you and your project, too.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Business
in Mexico

If you are new to doing business in Mexico, you are in for a shock. There is a lot of friction here in Mexico that you haven’t anticipated. Things that we take for granted in the US, or can accomplish quickly, can take much longer in Mexico and it can be frustrating to find the answers you need–or even the same answer from more than one expert (or the same answer from the same expert, twice).

I have fought the surprise battles, put the rabbits back into the hat, and have the resources to help you get your product to market as quickly and as painlessly as possible. I have the people and institutional knowledge that require years to accumulate and I can help deploy them to your benefit.


How much do you know about the US’s alcohol regulatory system? Labeling requirements? Texas’ four-tier system? Posted pricing in New York? UPC coding? Shipping and freight solutions? Chemical analysis of the alcohol you intend to sell? FDA requirements? Warehousing? EU labeling? There is a lot to know and a lot to sort out. I can help–and when I don’t know the answer myself, I have the experts on hand who do. From Mexican business attorneys to shipping bottles into the Ukraine, I have the resources you need.

My subject matter experts and I can take your project from conception to completion. Drop me a line and let’s see what happens next!