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Live From Mexico: Read Spear, Real Mezcal

Jimmy is on the horn with Read Spear, President of Origen Imports inc. in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Tso'ok Rum

For something a bit different this week, Read Spear and Carlos Mendez Blas of Tso’ok Rum join us..

Read Spear: Storytelling With Each Sip

Read Spear is a determined, ambitious, and insightful business person…

Read Spear & Mike G: Spirits, Music, and Projects

The wonderful Read Spear of Cuentacuentos Mezcal offered to interview me over a chat with some coffee in Oaxaca…


We Made the VinePair 50 Best Spirits of 2023!

Dozens of categories considered, thousands of bottles tasted, and almost 12 months in the making,

Oaxacan Rum: From the Cloud Forests to the International Market – Anna Bruce, Mezcalistas

The physicality of the work to produce and distribute rum, even locally, really hit home when we visited Tso’ok in the Sierra Mixe.

Following Mezcal’s Footsteps, Mexican Rum Is on the Rise – Emma Janzen, Punch

An illustration of the goddess Tajëëw—shapeshifter and protector of the mountains for Oaxaca’s Mixe people—adorns the label of Tso’ok

Colorado Mezcal Brands Work With Oaxacan Producers to Fight COVID-19

Oaxaca’s mezcaleros have been social distancing for centuries, having settled in the isolated habitats of the wild agaves used to make mezcal.

Branding Mezcal for Export from (Oaxaca) Mexico: The Starkman Factor

Over the past dozen years I have played a part in the development of a number of brands of mezcal distilled in Oaxaca; for the domestic Mexican market…

Las Almas Rotas Is the Sweet Spot for Mezcal Education

One night this week, Read Spear, owner of Cuentacuentos brand of mezcal based in Oaxaca, spoke. Which is how I spent the evening in the dark and funky embrace of our best mezcaleria…